Would You Click On This Promoted Tweet?

Posted By Debbie on October 3, 2011

Once in a while, promoted tweets pop up in my Hootsuite stream. Most recently, they were for HP ink for printers. I am assuming HP is just tweeting everybody since they can’t possibly know if I have an HP printer or not. It’s not like I mentioned that in my twitter profile.

I was just fed a bizarre promoted tweet:

So there’s no real message here other than hey, come look at us. Stiefel doesn’t mean anything to be other than it’s German for “boots.” I like boots… I have many pairs. But then I notice that the promoted tweet message says that Stiefel is a GSK company. That’s GlaxoSmithKline, aka big pharm.

This promoted tweet appears to be the equivalent of “Ask your doctor if Stiefel could be right for you,” when you don’t know what Stiefel is or what they do. Turns out, they are a company GSK bought in 2009. They focus on dermatology and skin diseases. The tweet could have said, “We have solutions for skin problems.” Maybe then people would be more likely to click.

But how compelling is this promoted tweet? Would you click on it? What would it need to say (and be relevant to Stiefel) for you to click on it?