You Need A UX Agency

Posted By Debbie on April 7, 2016

Categories: Business

Tags: agency, marketing, projects

We have a new video to share with you. It’s the all-too-common story of a company that goes to their ad or marketing agency with what they want. And the agency gives them what they ask for.

Sounds OK so far, right? Not really. Many clients have incorrect assumptions about what they need. Most advertising and marketing agencies don’t offer or do UX research to determine what the real problem is. Oh, you think your customers don’t like your graphs? Here are new graphs. But what if the problem isn’t the graphs?

A UX agency is designed (no pun intended) to figure out the problems as well as the solutions. The problem you think you have may not be the problem you actually have… or perhaps not the only problem.

More after the video. Enjoy!

That story comes from every day life.

We’ve freelanced and contracted at enough ad agencies to know what really goes on… no matter what they’ve told you. Sure, some of them have UX people on staff. But most don’t. They reach out to their revolving door of consultants when a UX project arrives.

However, the most painful would be the agencies where we watch a CEO or important sales guy tell the client UX isn’t that important. It’ll just take time and add expense, so we can just blow past it.

Or yeah, we do UX. One of our artists will make very pretty wireframes. Some agencies where we’ve worked actually believe that UX is really just wireframes, anybody can make those, so they might as well be something pretty created by an artist.

Your UX project deserves a UX specialist.

You can’t go to your main doctor for everything. Sometimes you need a specialist. Your marketing agency might be great at lots of things. But is UX really their strength? And who’s doing the work? It might be me, and wow, I’ve seen what agencies bill for me. I know you can get me for less. 🙂

You need a UX agency. Ptype is here for your company and projects. Whatever your budget, whatever your timeline and deadlines. We do it.